Expert Tips to Choosing a Qualified Accountant for Your Firm


Getting an accountant for your firm is not an easy task. There's a huge talent gap in the accounting industry and successful firms need to re-strategize so as to ensure that they pick the best accountant. This process doesn't just involve looking for a guy who's good at crunching up numbers and getting maximum returns when filing taxes. So how is it done? How do you pick the best man for the job in your firm? Here are some amazing tips.

Technology Domain

Before getting an accountant, you need to ask about his computer literacy. It's no longer enough to employ someone who is only good at balancing financial sheets. Your accountant also needs to be comprehensively computer literate. In this century, everything is run digitally. Clients will ask for tech savvy tasks like calculating their financial statements and sending them to their emails, so that means the accountant needs to know their way around the computer. Accounting paperwork is going digital, so the accountant also needs to be familiar with accounting tools and software.

Take the Hiring Process Quick

If you want to ensure that you don't lose the best of candidates to another firm, then avoid having strenuous hiring procedures. Asking too may irrelevant questions and responding at an extremely slow pace just causes you to lose the best candidates. Additionally, ensure that the accepted candidate's needs are catered for, and communication channels remain open. Otherwise, employees may be poached by clients that don't want to go through the hassle of interviewing candidates.

Business Ownership

Another tip on your hiring process is to check whether the client has run a business before. Well, this is not a compulsory requirement, but it's a definite plus for the candidate. There's a huge difference between knowledge learnt in school and knowledge obtained after getting their hands dirty. The practical skills acquired in running a business contribute greatly to the growth of the accountant. Besides, accountants are going to be giving a lot of advice, so they need to be having extra knowledge other than what they learnt in school.

Turn to a Recruitment Firm

You should start using recruitment firms if you haven't already. They have the necessary experience and expertise that exceeds your firm's understanding. When picking out a firm, go for one that's reputable in the accounting field. They definitely have their foothold deep in the industry and that gives them an advantage over your firm. You'll be able to get the crème de la crème of accountants.


25 January 2016

Attractive Figures: The Beauty Of Effective Accounting Methods

Hi, everyone. Nancy here. I am currently studying for my degree in mathematics. As part of the “maths in the workplace” component of my degree, I am doing an internship with an auditing firm. Of course, getting to apply maths in a practical setting has been an absolute joy, but there have been a number of frustrations too. It has been a real eye-opener to see how many businesses have a haphazard approach to accounting and book-keeping. One of the jobs the auditing firm undertakes is to recommend improved accounting practices. A number of businesses which have hired professional accountants since the last audit have definitely thrived! I hope this blog captures the beauty of applying mathematical principles to business and using tried and true accounting methods. I trust my entries add up properly to give you an equal share of information and inspiration. Thank you.